Morrowind’s Abandoned Projects – Harsh Lands

Morrowind’s Abandoned Projects is a new series dedicated to looking at the forgotten and never finished mods of Morrowind, uploaded and left for dead by their authors, still to this day in an incomplete state. The goal of this series is to bring renewed attention and interest to these once promising and fruitful projects, and hopefully someone, or someones, will take the time to one day bring these mods to a fully finished state.

For our second episode, we’re taking a look at Harsh Lands, a relatively well-known landmass mod originally made by Spacecoke. A massive new landmass, nearly half the size of Vvardenfell, Harsh Lands adds a new island chain to the west of Vvardenfell, and is mostly exterior complete at this point, with the notable exception being some of the southern and very northern bits of Harsh Lands. Otherwise though, Harsh Lands has no interiors, no quests, and no real city planning. The mod was originally abandoned in 2010, after an alpha version of Harsh Lands was released on ModDB in 2009, and since then, as far as I know, it has remained in an abandoned sate. Spacecoke officially declared it abandoned in 2014, in response to a comment on his YouTube channel, and announced that it was free for anyone to take up and finish. With a lot of just extremely creative and epic looking exterior areas, Harsh Lands would be an amazing mod to see finished, but for now, it remains merely an exterior environment that you can explore and marvel at, and perhaps one day it’ll finally be completed.

Harsh Lands – Project Links and Downloads:
ModDB Download 
Harsh Lands YouTube Trailer
Harsh Lands Development Vlog

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