Morrowind Modding Podcasts – The Future of Morrowind

Today we have a new episode of our little-known Morrowind Modding Podcasts series covering the topic of “The Future of Morrowind” with quest modders MauiEyes, Caeris and Dagoth Agahnim as part of our guest-panel. Originally recorded in September of 2017 with nearly two hours of audio, we discuss a number of different topics regarding the future of the Morrowind Modding Community, from the province mods to TES3MP to Bethesda’s new “Paid Mods” fiasco and much more, with the occasional off-topic ramblings. One of three podcasts we did in the Fall of 2017, we’ll be back in the coming weeks with the other two podcasts (covering dungeon mods and the province mods respectively) as we finish up audio-editing. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this somewhat long and meandering podcast as we discuss all the future might entail!

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