Skyrim – Might of Markarth Trailer

The great city of Markarth, one of the truly remarkable seats of Nordic power in Skyrim, stands as a bastion along the borders of the Reach and the northern stretches of Haafinheim. Strongly fortified with massive stone walls, Markarth is a more traditional Nordic city, featuring the stone foundations and wooden beams and rafters more commonly associated with this Northern people, rather than the more Redguard-style dwellings of Karthwasten and Dragonstar. Sitting upon the mighty Karth river, Markarth is a vital trading port and military garrison guarding the river-ways, from whence trading vessels pass down to Karthgad and Karthwasten and up to the capital of Haafingar along the northern coast.

Once a Direnni city long ago, Markarth is home to two unmistakably unique and massive structures, the first of which is Elfstone Keep, a massive Direnni fort that can be seen for miles around, and from where Jarl Barda the Builder rules over Markarth, as well as much of the Reach, and he is perhaps one of the most powerful men in Skyrim. The second is the College of the Voice, a massive towering wooden-structure that has a bit of a hollow appearance, originally founded by Tiber Septim at the beginning of the Third Era for the training of warriors to use the Voice, though these days it serves scholars more so than warriors. Either way, Markarth is a political, economic, and academic powerhouse in the region, and is perhaps one of the most important cities in Skyrim.

While not yet available for download, the city of Markarth, and the surrounding region, are now pretty much exterior-complete, and will soon be populated with interiors and quests. As such the Skyrim – Home of the Nords team does, as always, need more interior and questing modders, and if you’re interested in helping out the project,¬†feel free to stop by their website, submit a showcase, and lend a hand to this most impressive province mod!

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