Morrowind Modding Madness – Week One Challenge

The Madness Begins… Four Weeks, Four Categories, Four Mods, Four Teams of Modders will compete and rise up to try and claim the throne as the ultimate Modding Champions of 2016!

Four Teams of Modders have registered for Morrowind Modding Madness, and now offer themselves as tributes to our Lord Sheogorath. Creative madness will ensue throughout the next four weeks, but only one team can make it to the top, so let’s meet the teams!

Team Green Cow – Members:
AutoClock – Resource Modder
EnclaveKiller – Quest and Dungeon Modder
Svengineer99 – Gameplay and Script Modder

Team Cutie‚ô•Kagouti – Members:
Digmen – Resource Modder
R-Zero – Resource and Immersion Modder
Povuholo – Quest Modder

Team Flying Guars – Members:
TheDrunkenMudcrab – Quest, House and NPC Modder
MementoMoritius – Items and Music Modder

Team Wretched Netch – Members:
Greatness7 – Gameplay and Script Modder
MatthewTheBagel – Quest, NPC, and House Modder
VvardenfellTribez – Dungeon and Town Modder

For the first week of our Morrowind Modding Madness competition, our modding challenge is to build and release a house mod by December 9th on either Morrowind Nexus or Great House Fliggerty. Don’t forget to include a line at the top that says your mod is apart of Morrowind Modding Madness and what team you’re representing!

Best of luck to all of the teams, and may the best modders win!

The music in this video is from Epidemic Sound and Morrowind Music Overdose by Jon Babb

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