Morrowind Modding Showcases – Episode 53

This week’s 53rd Episode of Morrowind Modding Showcases returns to a random theme with 13 very different but also very interesting mods based around the shores and cities of Morrowind. With this week’s batch of mods, you’ll be able to make a living fiddling the lute, exploring massive ruined strongholds, chasing down vampire lairs, and making yourself home within massive castles up in the clouds above. There’s all of this and much more in episode 53 of Morrowind Modding Showcases!

Order of Mods and Their Download Links:
Popular Mod of the Week – A Bard’s Life By Danae
House Mod of the Week – Yet Another Silt Strider Home By Saania
Gameplay Mod of the Week – MWSE Containers By Greatness7
Dungeon Mod of the Week – Falensarano – The Ruined Stronghold By CarrotFerret 
Items Mod of the Week – Zipp’s Furniture Store By Zipp
Quests Mod of the Week – Irgola’s Replacement By Dateranoth & Devinouis
Landmass Mod of the Week – The Lost City By Atropos
NPC Mod of the Week – Kentarossai By Sabregirl
New Meshes and Textures Mod of the Week – Ice Blade of the Monarch PBR By Flash3113
Modder’s Resource Mod of the Week – Nomad Wooden Fort Modder’s Pack By Nomad
Underrated Mod of the Week – Lakehouse By VaguelySpecific
Blast from the Past Mod of the Week – Castle Aedius By Beleglos
Bonus Mod of the Week – Nimawia Pearl Farm By Psycholex

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