Skyrim – Reaches of the North Trailer

The northern province of Skyrim, home of the Nords and numerous ancient civilizations, is a land that has often been wrought with conflict. None more so than the territory known as the Reach in western Skyrim, where Hammerfall and High Rock share often contentious borders with the Nords, occasionally exchanging cities and towns in this borderland during any of a number of minor battles and wars. Aside from the frequent conflict however, the Reach is a beautiful and harsh landscape of dense forests, towering mountains, and shallow rivers. The region is also home to more than a few settlements, including the trade-city of Karthwasten, an old town that still bares the scars of both recent and ancient conflicts, and the small village of Karthgad can be found in the middle of the Vorndgad Forest, a lush and beautiful terrain of hidden glades and tree-covered hills. Aside from these chief settlements however, one can find many small holds of Nords and Reachmen living in the hills and forests of the Reach, not to mention the ancient ruins of the Direnni, which can be seen for miles around due to their towering fortifications. The Reach is certainly a territory constantly in flux, lands change hands, and cities come and go, but for all its conflict, this is an awe-inspiring land of beauty well worth a visit.

Parts of Vorndgad Forest can be visited today as part of Skyrim – Home of the Nord’s first alpha release, though it’s important to note that this is a fairly out-dated release, and pretty much everything from that early version has been changed. Currently the SHOTN team is looking to make a major release that includes the new version of Vorndgad Forest, with the towns of Karthgad and Karthwasten included, sometime in the near future, so stay tuned to their website for more information!

With that said, Skyrim – Home of the Nords needs more modders, especially to work on the cities of Markarth and Dragonstar, so if you want to help out, head on over to Project Tamriel and join the team!

You can read up on the Lore and History of SHOTN’s Reach here.

The music in this trailer is “Journey’s End 3” by composer Jon Bjork from Epidemic Sound.

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