Visions of Morrowind – Dagon Fel Trailer

Dagon Fel, a city mired in the mixture of old and new, with Imperial dwellings springing up amidst the ruins of ancient Dwemeri settlements. This quaint and quiet little town on Vvardenfell’s northern reaches is perhaps the one place that captures so perfectly the essence of Morrowind. Thick in atmosphere and history, Dagon Fel calls to adventurers and explorers far and wide to scale and delve the ruins that surround this humble city, sitting at the end of the world and the end of civilization itself. Beyond these meager shacks lies danger and the wilds of an untamed land rife with the relics of the past, not to mention the beauty of an alien world come alive with many strange and unique sights to see.

There are many visions and versions of Dagon Fel, as one might expect from a city that so conjures the imagination. From minor alterations and small added details, to full on overhauls that change the architectural style and makeup of this fair town, to epic additions that enhance the visual flair of Dagon Fel’s surroundings. All of these are both different cities and the same, for there are many visions of Dagon Fel, and all are equally true and real. Which is the true Dagon Fel for you, however, is entirely for you to decide!

Visions of Morrowind is a new trailer series designed not to look at just one mod, but several mods that make or change certain cities and landscapes in Morrowind. Combining footage of each version and editing it all together, you can see the many visions that modders have for this amazing game that inspires so much for the imagination, and from there you can decide which vision best fits your needs for your own game, assuming you don’t just decide to make your own unique vision for yourself! If you have any suggestions for what town or city to cover next, please leave a comment below and I’ll get to it in the next trailer!

In this trailer, we take a look at four different versions of Dagon Fel provided by four different mods, as listed below. Please note that, obviously, all of these mods conflict with each other and CANNOT be played at the same time on the same savegame.

Dagon Fel Updated By HedgeHog12
Epic Dagon Fel By MikeandIke
More Detailed Places 2013 By Zaldir and Ragox
Morrowind Rebirth By Trancemaster

The music in this trailer is  “Lord of Dance 03” By Johannes Bornlof from Epidemic Sound.

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