Morrowind Mod of the Month – September 2015

Today we have the fifth episode of our Mod of the Month series, late yet again, but still celebrating the best mods from September 2015. The idea behind this series is to release a video every month honoring the best mods released in that particular month, as decided by popular vote and also in part by my own personal decisions.

You can vote for the Mod of the Month for October here.

Our mod of the month for September 2015 is Dunmer Nobles Overhaul by Ivolga (Aoimevelho), a fantastic mod that completely changes the way Dunmeri households look in vanilla Morrowind, adding in creative and stylish new hair and clothing styles that help the nobles of Morrowind stand out, as well as including random noble NPCs that you’ll find in various cities.

Second choice for mod of the month is The City of Balmora by Symbiote Dinosaur, another overhaul of Balmora that seeks to add more new details, buildings, and other misc items to make this great city of Hlaalu come to life, and it’s a great alternative to the other Balmora overhauls out there if you’re still in the market for that sort of thing.

Finally, our third choice for mod of the month is Bal Isra annex by Bruno13069, a simple stronghold expansion mod for Great House Redoran that adds a single new building that sort of acts as hub for services at Bal Isra with a number of NPC vendors and trainers, as well as some space for you to use for your own purposes.

The music in this video is from Morrowind Music Overdose by Jon Babb.

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