Morrowind Modding Interviews – HeadlessWonder and SkyDye

In this week’s episode of Morrowind Modding Interviews, we’re doing a dual interview with the creators of Vibrant Morrowind, HeadlessWonder and SkyDye. Combined, these two have authored one of the more popular texture overhauls for Morrowind, creating textures with a more vibrant and colorful feel to add a bit more life and alien character to the lands of Vvardenfell. They’ve also created numerous other texture mods, like Vibrant Skies and Vibrant Stars with some pretty unique additions to the heavens of Tamriel.

A full list of mods that HeadlessWonder and SkyDye have released can be found below:

Morrowind Mods:
Vibrant Morrowind 4.0
Vibrant Stars
Vibrant Moons
Skydye’s Brashland Ash Textures
Skydye’s Brashland Molag Mar
Vibrant Music
Vibrant Lava
Vibrant Skies
Vibrant Morrowind 3.0
Shadows and Light I
Shadows and Light II
Shadows and Light III
Shadows and Light IV
Shadows and Light V
House of Tapestries

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