Morrowind Modathon – Mod of the Month – Nix-Hound Replacer

After much delay, it’s time to finally announce the winners of Morrowind May Modathon Month 2015 and the Mod of the Month Awards! As many of you know already, Morrowind May Modathon Month ran throughout the entire month of May with 15 mods submitted for the competition by 14 different modders.

Our panel of judges spent much of the last month going through and rating each one on a 10-point scale, keeping the scores as fair and impartial as possible. With a panel of five judges, the highest maximum score was 50 out of 50.

Today, we can safely announce that Nix-Hound Replacer By PeterBitt and Pherim won the Mod of the Month Award with a score of 49.8, followed closely by Deepscorn By Istreddify with a score of 47 and Love in the Time of Daedra By HangHimHigher!

We’re pleased to announce that Morrowind Modathon Month 2015 was the MOST successful modding competition in the history of the Morrowind modding community, surpassing even the old Gamer’s Roam competitions from 2002~2003 in number of participants, proving once and for all that even after 13 years, nothing is slowing down the Morrowind Modding Community!

You can still vote for your favorite mods from Morrowind Modathon Month today be heading over to GHF and voting in the Popular Choice Awards.

Rest assured, we’ll be back next year with Morrowind Modathon Month 2016!

The music in this video is “The Final Stage” by Freemind and Epic Trailer 2 by Jon Bjork.

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