Ebonheart Home Seeblick – Mod Release Trailer

Off the coast of Ebonheart lies a lovely estate, where one can take in the full beauty of the sea and relax with an evening meal on the veranda, or enjoy silent contemplation with a few books on the roof. Complete with a warmly lit kitchen, a fully stocked alchemy lab, and a bedroom rife with literature to pursue, the estate of Ebonheart Home Seeblick provides all of the comforts of home. But lying just beneath this quaint and cozy exterior is a dark secret, pieces of the story are scattered about this lovely abode, and should you put it all together, you may just find something hidden in the dark…

Ebonheart Home Seeblick is a house and quest mod for Morrowind, originally released back in December by Jan Heuser (aka Skil8). Included in this mod are:
– A luxuriously detailed estate
– A Bedroom, Alchemy Lab, Library, Kitchen, Veranda Dining, and Rooftop Laboratory
– Full NPC Service Staff
– A Story and Quest for you to Discover
– Hidden locations and hidden items for you to find scattered across the estate

You can download Ebonheart Home Seeblick today from the Nexus!
*Note: Some Exterior and Interior Lag Possible*
*Second Note: Conflicts with MNC: Ebonheart, Morrowind Rebirth, and The Vvardenfell Libraries*

The music in this video is “Epic Drama Trailer 1 T60” By composer Magnus Ringblom.

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