Morrowind Modathon – Arkngthand 2.0

One of the most prominent and best known dungeons in Morrowind is the Dwemer citadel of Arkngthand, an ancient ruin that has bested even the most well equipped players trying to find that blasted Dwemer Puzzle Box. Well, no more! With Arkngthand 2.0, this Dwemer fortress has been reborn with a new, much more detailed layout that more logically places certain important quest items. Not only that, but it also adds in new dwemer equipment, expands the dungeon slightly with new paths and chambers, and vastly re-arranges the rooms of old Arkngthand so even experienced players will find something new to explore.

Arkngthand 2.0 was released by Ragox on May 24th as part of the Morrowind May Modathon 2015 competition, and it’s one of three random drawing winners for the last week of May. All winners of Morrowind Modathon get free games, trailers and independent showcases of their mods on Morrowind Modding Showcases!

You can check out Arkngthand 2.0 and download it today here.
You can also check out the other two winners below:
The Lucky Pick By Danjb
Love in the Time of Daedra By HangHimHigher

You can vote for the Popular Choice Awards over at GHF today and help your favorite mod from Morrowind Modathon Month win!

The music in this video is “A Boat to Vivec” By Jon Babb.

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