Morrowind May Modathon Month – Modding Results

Morrowind Modathon has officially come to a close, with 15 mods submitted for the competition by some 14 authors! As part of this competition, we saw new houses, landmasses, towns, dungeons, quests, and even gameplay features get released for Morrowind! From exciting new lands to explore and discover, to epic stories and lengthy questlines, to houses you could furnish yourself and homes fit for assassins, to massive treasure hunts and new things to find in the world, Morrowind Modathon Month saw a great variety of experiences get released!

The official “Mod of the Month” winner will be announced on or around June 10th, but in the meantime, you can vote for the Popular Choice winner today by heading over to GHF and casting your vote for your favorite mod from Morrowind Modathon!

You’ll find a full list of Modathon Month mods listed below:

Isle of the Dead By Trancemaster
Deepscorn By Istreddify
Christmas Like Snowflake Texture By Symibote Dinosaur
Syrinx By Ken Cotterill
Strange Grove By JMK
Poor Aranath By Drewbertt
Nix-Hound Replacer By PeterBitt
Trainer Variety By Tizzo
The Last Scam of Dro Kha’Jay By Phobos_Jugular
Blades Operations – Yunis Jauffre Baurus – Followers and Quest By The Oblivion Fanatic
Arkngthand 2.0 By Ragox
Love in the Time of Daedra By HangHimHigher
Dawn’s Island By Whane
The Lucky Pick By Danjb
Shallit Hideout By Istreddify

The music in this video is “ES_Epic Trailer 2 T60” By Jon Bjork and “Epic Drama Trailer 5” by Magnus Ringbloom from Epidemic Sound.

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