Morrowind Modathon – Strange Grove Trailer

To the east of Solstheim, between the cold climes of Hirstaang forest and the warmer shores of Vvardenfell, lies the Strange Grove, called Rodapfund Island by the natives. Here you’ll find a rich and settled people with a sizable village and booming mining industry, where tradesmen hone their craft and miners delve ever deeper into the island’s depths. Home to a wealthy monarchy, not all is as it seems on Rodapfund Island, with danger lurking in the corners and conquest from a greedy Empire ever looming on the horizon. Will you be able to help the citizens of this fair isle? Will you fight alongside them and reap the rewards of victory? Only one way to find out, your adventure starts at the docks of Ald Velothi.

Strange Grove includes:
– 1 New Island
– 12+ New Quests
– New Dungeons
– Dozens of New Items
– 3 New Books
– 1 Buy-able Player Home
– Animal Racing and Betting
– Dozens of Unique Characters with Dialogue

Strange Grove was originally released by John Kahler (aka JMK) on May 2nd and submitted as part of Morrowind May Modathon 2015 on May 15th, and it’s one of three random drawing winners for the second week of May. All winners of Morrowind Modathon get free games, trailers and independent showcases of their mods on Morrowind Modding Showcases!

You can check out Strange Grove and download it today here.
Also you can find it for download from JMK’s Website and DeviantArt Page.
Note: Strange Grove conflicts with The White Wolf of Lokken Mountain and possibly Ald Vendras as well.

You can also check out the other two winners below:
Poor Aranath By Drewbertt
Syrinx By Ken Cotterill

Want to participate in Morrowind Modathon Month and potentially win prizes? It’s easy, just check out our announcement video and rewards video for more details!

The music in this video is “Survival Of The Fittest 2” By composer Peter Sandberg from Epidemic Sound.

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