How You Can Give Back to Modders in 2015

After a tumultuous week of the paid mods fiasco, one of the big questions that has risen from the chaos and the aftermath is how can people give back and reward modders for their hard work and amazing creations in 2015?

Obviously, some modders support donations, and that’s one of the ways you can give back to modders, but there are many other ways as well. Most of us make mods because we enjoy it, because we have fun modding, and while we may not accept donations, we welcome feedback and the sharing of ideas!

You can give back to modders in a number of ways, from writing a review to joining the modding community yourself and making your own mods! We love seeing the new works and creations of others, because in a creative community, we only truly thrive when there’s always something new to experience!

These are just a few ways you can give back to modders in 2015 and beyond! As always, may making mods remain forever free!

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