Morrowind Modding Interviews – MikeandIke

This week we’re talking to MikeandIke, the author behind the Epic series of mods, including Epic Balmora, Epic Ald-Ruhn, and Epic Sadrith Mora. He’s also done a couple of texture replacer mods and the Skyrim UI Overhaul for Morrowind. In this interview we discuss MikeandIke’s inspirations, where he sees the community going in the coming years, and also his latest projects, including the highly anticipated Epic Tree Stumps mod.

We’ll be releasing a new interview every Wednesday, so check in every week to hear from your favorite modders!

A full list of mods that MikeandIke has released is included below:
MikeandIke’s YouTube Channel

Morrowind Mods:
Epic Balmora
Epic Ald Ruhn
Epic Sadrith Mora
Vivec and Velothi Retexture
Imperial Forts Retexture
Skyrim UI Overhaul for Morrowind
Animated Main Menu for Morrowind

Skyrim Mods:
Better Daedric Blades
Dwemer Metal Ruins

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