Morrowind Modding Showcases – Episode 31

Today we don’t have any April Fools jokes for you, but we do have Episode 31 of Morrowind Modding Showcases with 13 new mods for your viewing pleasure! Visit exotic lands, talk to the dead, decorate your own towns, and run screaming from the dreaded and truly awful firebreathing cliffracers. Just..why? Weren’t they bad enough already?!

Order of Mods and Their Download Links:
Popular Mod of the Week – Illy’s Oh My Goddess By Illuminiel
House Mod of the Week – YAPHM (Yet Another Portable House Mod) By Tizzo
Gameplay Mod of the Week – Andromeda’s Fast Travel By SGMonkey
Town Mod of the Week – Moonshadow Temple By Shannon Workman
Items Mod of the Week – MSG: Misc Specialty Goods By Wildman
Quests Mod of the Week – Amulet of Scrye By Ivza
Landmass Mod of the Week – Annastia By Patrograd
NPC Mod of the Week – R-Zero’s Creatorium Part 1 – Waters and Shores By R-Zero
New Meshes and Textures Mod of the Week – Orcish Retexture By Joseph Melia
Modder’s Resource Mod of the Week – Vaanic’s Tapestries By Vaanic
Underrated Mod of the Week – Scout’s Refuge By Neildarkstar
Blast from the Past Mod of the Week – Nemon’s Vivec Interiorator By Nemon
Bonus Mod of the Week – Firebreathing Cliffracers By Zetman
Conflicts With: Racer Recursion (thank the Divines)

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