Helios Keep – The Epic Castle Trailer

Helios Keep is one of the largest castle mods ever created for Morrowind, originally released way back in 2005-2006 by Sauron256. You’ll get to travel to a new island, dominated by the massive fortress of Helios Keep, and surrounded by peaceful woodland forests. This castle, with all of its numerous towers, walls and turrets is your’s to command if you so desire.

Full Features Include:
– A massive new castle to explore and command
– A new island, complete with woodland forests
– Dozens of new service NPCs
– Numerous rooms for your own personal use

Why not go ahead and try out Helios Keep today? You can download it from Morrowind Modding History here.

Note: Helios Keep DOES conflict with Tamriel Rebuilt!

The music in this episode is “Better Life” By Jon Babb (Bosa) from his Morrowind Music Overdose IV¬†collection.

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